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News 155, Panorama of Events

Report from Finland
Master’s Teachings Reach the Land of the Midnight Sun

by Anne Nyström, Helsinki

[Helsinki] From October 16 to 17, 2004, Finnish initiates conducted eight video seminars at the Fair of Spirit and Knowledge in Helsinki, capital of Finland, known as the Land of the Midnight Sun because during summer the sun shines twenty-four hours a day in the northern regions. Twenty thousand copies of magazines about the Fair, which included information about the Quan Yin Method, were delivered to households all around the country.

Approximately 10,000 people attended the event, including residents of Finland, Russia, Estonia and even several Arab countries. Numerous attendees visited the initiates’ exhibition room, which housed Master’s photos, books, DVDs and other materials. Outside the room the initiates placed a beautiful lamp with a flowing waterfall symbolizing the inner Light.

On both days, four seminars were held every two hours, and many guests came before the seminars began, being attracted by Master’s video lectures shown on a 120” video projection screen in the seminar room. The initiates encouraged the visitors to enter and offered them warm tea as the weather outside was quite cold. Many guests spoke with the sisters and brothers about their spiritual paths, and some even praised Master’s extremely pure energy. Others discussed the meaning of various Bible passages, and many inquired about the vegetarian diet. One woman, who organizes similar spiritual fairs in Estonia, liked the atmosphere so much that she asked if the initiates would go to Estonia, which borders Finland, to conduct a seminar.

Each seminar started with a presentation of one of Master’s lecture videos, and then an initiate briefly explained the Quan Yin Method and initiation. Afterwards, any participants who were interested stayed to learn the Convenient Method and then were given a chance to pose questions, but most were so satisfied with the meditation that they had nothing to ask.


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