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News 103, Panorama of Events

Report from Canada
April Showers Bring May Flowers

[London, Ontario] In this season of blossoms, London initiates and Convenient Method practitioners worked hand in hand to share Master's teachings in their community. They held two public video seminars in London and one in Chatham (1 1/2 hrs drive from London).
Master's video seminar in the City Public Library, London, Ontario, Canada.
Mature Fitness Club invites London initiates to introduce Supreme Master Ching Hai's teachings.

The first seminar was held in the city library. Apart from placing posters in public areas, the initiates announced the seminar through the Internet. There was one gentleman who had searched for an herb called "suma" on the Internet, but what "accidentally" came to him was Master's web site home page in Canada. He chose to drive two hours right after work to come to the seminar, even though he could get more information about Master from the local Toronto Center. The initiates were also surprised to welcome a group of teenagers to the seminar. Their attendance reflected their interest in the spiritual path.

While watching Master's mini-biography, the whole assembly was embraced and touch-ed by Master's love. The audience listened to Master's lecture attentively and was delighted by Master's charming and humorous wisdom. Many asked to learn the Convenient Method of meditation during the seminar, while some came to the Center later. After learning the Convenient Method, two ladies told the initiates that they felt the blessing and pure atmosphere both at the seminar and the Center. They also felt very relaxed and did not feel pressured to join our group.

The second shower of love came down in a small town called Chatham. The seminar was advertised on the local cable TV station. Though the concepts of meditation and vegetarianism were new to the local people, most shop owners received Master's poster readily. Many people showed an interest in the posters. Some people said they had known of Master before because they or their relatives had attended previous seminars in London.

In the same month, the London initiates also received an invitation from a mature fitness class teacher who had read Master's sample booklet and eagerly wanted to share the good news about Master's teachings with her fitness classes. They arranged a seminar at their club which was also open to the public. The teacher was very active in distributing seminar posters to all of the classes in their senior fitness club and the surrounding neighborhood. The initiates prepared some light vegetarian desserts for the seminar. The audiences were amazed that such tasty desserts could be made without eggs. After the video lecture, the audience members' "endless" questions showed their high interest in both the Quan Yin Method and the Convenient Method of Meditation, as well as their sincerity in understanding the vegetarian diet. An 84 year old lady who had missed the previous seminar at the library had the good fortune to be able to attend this seminar. Even though she could not see the video clearly, she could still feel the blessing energy through Master's loving voice and she is now waiting to learn the Convenient Method of Meditation.


[Vancouver] At the end of May, initiates from the Vancouver Center participated in Cityfest to introduce Master and the Quan Yin Method of meditation to more people.

Video presentations are held nearly every month at various libraries in Vancouver to acquaint people with Master as well. The world is becoming more spiritual, so any opportunity to introduce Master to the public should be used. There are ready souls everywhere, waiting for the unfathomable blessing of meeting a True Master.

Master's Birthday Celebration Party

[Montreal] This year, the Montreal Center celebrated Master's birthday in advance after the regular group meditation. Some people practicing the Convenient Method and our family members also come to join us in a warm and loving atmosphere. A couple from Mainland China, who had just arrived in Montreal a few weeks earlier, found the Center and came on time for the celebration. The husband is waiting eagerly to receive initiation and his wife is a practitioner of the Convenient Method. Before leaving, both of them happily signed Master's birthday card.

Master didn't celebrate Her birthday, but instead worked much harder in conducting a lecture tour in 18 countries in Europe on a very pressing schedule within a short span of time. In group meditation, we all prayed for the success of this lecture tour, hoping that it would instill more wisdom and love in the hearts of the European people, so that they could see each other as God and thereby help to restore a peaceful and brotherly atmosphere in Europe.


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