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Report from Arizona, U.S.A.
Propagating the Truth in Prisons

Due to Master's loving concern toward the incarcerated people, She instructed fellow practitioners to visit them periodically, conveying consolation and God's divine love to them. Many prisons welcomed the idea of receiving books and magazines on a monthly basis, which they would keep in their libraries. They also invited fellow practitioners to introduce Master's teachings in the prisons.

The chaplain of a federal prison (with nearly 1,500 male and female inmates) in Phoenix told our fellow practitioners that the inmates longed very much to practice the Convenient Method, and he invited fellow practitioners to pay a visit there. On the day of the visit, these Truth aspirants piously and attentively listened to Master's biography and the benefits of practicing the Quan Yin Method. Master's powerful blessing pervaded the entire venue, and all the inmates had very good experiences. Some inmates, after watching Master's lecture videos, felt Her great love, and experienced the invisible and relaxed atmosphere. They all enjoyed Master's humorous expressions in the lectures, and were convinced that She indeed has the supreme power.

The inmates were so deeply touched by Master's love, that they repeatedly and sincerely invited our fellow practitioners to attend their annual religious celebration, to which our fellow practitioners willingly accepted. On that day, the inmates cordially received our fellow practitioners by offering them a vegetarian meal. Many inmates from various ethnic backgrounds came to attend the celebration. When fellow initiates introduced Master and Her teaching, many of them were attracted by the teachings and also moved by Master's photo, many enthusiastically inquired about the Truth. Some expressed their eagerness in learning the Convenient Method. The Supreme Master Ching Hai News and sample booklets brought in were quickly taken. Due to the demand of the inmates, many of Master's publications in Chinese, Au Lac language and Spanish were brought in the next day to help more people tie good affinities with Master.


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