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News 157, Panorama of Events

Report from India
The Quan Yin Method Returns to the Buddha’s Land

by the Mumbai work team

[Mumbai] In the spring of 2005, a group of brothers and sisters from Thailand, Formosa and Germany participated in the Mumbai International Book Fair held at the Bandra Kurla Complex from February 4-13, and a video conference at the Indian Merchants’ Chamber in Mumbai.

The Book Fair Produces Boundless Spiritual Fruit

The day before the Fair, while the exhibits were being set up and later as we were leaving for the day, many workers asked for Master’s sample booklets in Hindi. In India it is customary to call a female Master “Holy Mother” and we were deeply touched by our Holy Mother’s invisible omnipresent power, guiding these longing souls back Home. The workers were very sincere and helped us greatly during the Fair.

Throughout the exhibition, the sisters who served as receptionists dressed in attractive saris (traditional Indian dresses), and the local Hindi-speaking guests responded with sincere interest as many eagerly perused Master’s publications and were surprised that the fine free sample booklets we offered were available in sixty languages. Several scholars asked about translating the sample booklet into other Indian languages such as Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam and Kannada. And representatives from a local TV station visited our booth and reported about it on the evening news.

Numerous schoolteachers and students also stopped at our display, saying that they most liked the loving eyes of Master on our posters and felt as if She were physically present. Most guests expressed love for the exhibit, saying that it radiated light and energy in every aspect, including the fresh flowers arranged by the Thai sisters. In addition, many visitors inquired about Master’s Longevity Lamp Moon Light, which was set up at the booth. They felt that the Lamp emanated joyful, peaceful energy, and admired our beloved Master’s outstanding design.

We also had a very good relationship with the other booth operators, some of whom visited our display several times during the Fair. In fact, the owner of the booth opposite ours even distributed our flyers to passersby. Moreover, the police and security guards working at the Fair stopped frequently for the candies we offered or to watch Master’s videotapes. And feeling a strong force and invisible light radiating from Master’s huge poster, many spiritual seekers signed up for initiation, while representatives of several educational institutions and hospitals invited us to introduce the world’s supreme ancient practice — the Quan Yin Method — at their facilities.

Another guest attracted to the booth was Mr. M.A. Srinivasan, author of several books on Indian spirituality, who said, “For each of Master’s words can be found a proof in the vast treasure of India’s Holy Scriptures.” After learning the Convenient Method and applying for Initiation, Mr. Srinivasan also said that he wished to write a book on “Holy Mother Ching Hai,” including relevant quotes from the Hindu scriptures.

The Seminar Receives a Warm Response

Six days after the Fair we conducted a video conference at the Indian Merchants’ Chamber in Mumbai. Beforehand we happily cooperated in distributing promotional flyers, and thus helped make the program a success.

On the day of the seminar, approximately 270 Truth seekers attended, and while watching our Mother’s 1999 London, England lecture Face Life with Courage subtitled in Hindi, the audience was deeply touched by Her wise guidance and humorous remarks. Throughout the presentation, the audience members seemed to greatly admire Master, laughing and clapping their hands and becoming one with Her energy. After the lecture showing, 173 participants eagerly stayed to learn the Convenient Method and 121 sincere seekers registered for initiation.

Thanks to Master’s blessings, the 2005 Mumbai International Book Fair and video seminar were both highly successful. And all during the events the brothers and sisters who participated were impressed by the Indian people’s discerning spiritual eyes, which allowed them to immediately recognize Master’s greatness, accept Her noble teachings and begin the journey Home through Her loving guidance.


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