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News 112, Panorama of Events

Report from Mongolia
Painting Exhibition in Baganuur, Ulan Bator

[Ulan Bator] From April 7- 9, local initiates held a three-day exhibition of Supreme Master Ching Hai's paintings in Baganuur, Ulan Bator, Mongolia. The driving distance from Ulan Bator to Baganuur is about three hours. The city in April was chilly and windy; its sky was clear, and its air clean and refreshing.

The exhibition of Supreme Master Ching Hai's painting brings happiness and warmth to the people of Baganuur, Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

The exhibition was held in a school where a fellow initiate was employed. His family members, who were all initiates, helped us and worked with enthusiasm in promoting the exhibition. We put up posters in major areas in and around the city where people could easily see them, and for three days the painting exhibition was announced on local radio stations.

Supreme Master Ching Hai's painting "Love Source"

A painter who visited the exhibition came back the next day to learn the Convenient Method of meditation, and later told us one of her experiences. One of Master's paintings, "Love Source" contained an unforgettable scene, which the new practitioner said she could recognize from her childhood. Actually, she had seen this same scene twice before. Once, when she was a child, her family went on a moving trip, and she sat in an ox cart with her grandmother. During this trip, she saw a scene that impressed her deeply. Later, when she was an adult, she joined a group taking a trip to Mongolia by foot. Remarkably, she saw this same touching scene during the trip. What surprised her was that Supreme Master Ching Hai had painted this identical scene in "Love Source." Even though Master had added two extra cottages to the painting, which were not in the original landscape, she could still recognize the landscape. "Strange!" she repeated, "How strange it is!"

In the visitors' book, people wrote, "I admire You. You have broadened my horizons and brought happiness to me through Your paintings." "I love Your paintings. I also like to paint, therefore I enjoy your works." "I felt satisfied seeing your paintings. Your works are unique. I love art. Your paintings are wonderful. Wishing that You create more works of such beauty." "Your paintings enlightened me. How fortunate I am to have listened to the introduction about You and to have the information about spiritual practice."

Children have pure hearts and can easily feel Master's Love. They enjoyed the exhibition very much and did not want to leave. Some gazed at Master's book of paintings over and over again, others read Master's teachings with concentration, while others loved Master's photos so much that they could not bear to part with them. One girl wrote in the visitors' book that she was very happy to attend the exhibition. She felt that our practitioners were the best people in the world. "Supreme Master Ching Hai is not only compassionate, with great love for others," the girl continued, "but She can also sing and paint. She is wonderful." This little girl also felt that Master's love and care were always being extended towards her people, and wished that Master would come personally to Mongolia and Baganuur.

In the visitors' book, she drew a lovely girl wearing a crown, on which she wrote "Ching Hai," and also drew many heart shapes to express her longing to see Master. Another child drew two swallows, meaning that Master would come when spring comes. An artist did a landscape painting and self-portrait in the visitors' book. He then insisted on having a poster with Master's picture on it and asked us to sign it. When we gave him a poster with the name "Supreme Master Ching Hai" printed on it, he was very happy and left with satisfaction. When the exhibition was over and we were about to leave, many children helped us to load up and then took a picture with us, asking when we would come again.

Children happily taking a picture with us.

The self-portrait and painting that an artist drew for Master in the visitors' book.

Heartfelt Feelings of a Young Initiate

By sister initiate Myagmarkhuu (10 years of age), Mongolia
(originally in Mongolian)

I am a fourth grade student at the Baganuur Elementary School in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Master Ching Hai's art exhibition was held at my school. People were amazed that my Master could sing, dance, play the piano, compose songs, and design clothes. I am so happy to be Her disciple and to follow Her in spiritual practice. Master Ching Hai is the Buddha (fully Enlightened Being) in my heart. I will keep the Five Precepts and meditate earnestly to make Her happy. I will follow Her and practice well all my life. I long to see Her. That would be the best present in the world for me. Now my whole family is initiated, and we meditate and contemplate on the sound every day. Master, You are the only living Enlightened Master in the world; I want to devote my whole life to serving You.

Note: This young initiate is a little paragon in the Quan Yin family of Mongolia. Despite her young age, she is clever, smart, and filial to her parents. At home, she cooks vegetarian meals for her family, and she is well-behaved. Sometimes when the Mongolian Center holds one-day retreats, she helps to prepare meals for the fellow initiates when the adults are meditating. She meditates earnestly every day and helps to proofread the Mongolian editions of Master's publications when she has time. She excels in her studies in school. During Master's art exhibition, she worked alongside fellow initiates to prepare and decorate the venue. She even acted on her own initiative to introduce Master and Her teachings to the visitors, adults and children alike that attended the exhibition. The mature behavior and abilities of this young girl left a deep impression on everyone.


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