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Report from Berlin, Germany
Master Displays Her Almighty Power At The Esoteric Fair

Fellow practitioners in Berlin recently participated in this year's Esoteric Fair, which received a strong public response. Master's voice which generated an immensely strong, clear and indeed, even miraculous flow of energy, was the focus of attention.

This year, though everything was different, all the other exhibitors in addition to the spectators, highly acclaimed Master again.

Fellow practitioners could feel Master's fantastic power pervading the venue. In the exhibition hall, a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere reigned. Many visitors who came to our booth commented on it. And many of them noticed that this energy could especially be felt at our booth.

In the morning, before the fair opened, and in the evening, after closing-time, all the other exhibitors picked up a sample booklet. In this way, Master's presence was at nearly every exhibiting booth.

A young female exhibitor, who was just beginning to show an interest in spiritual matters, had many questions. After receiving a free sample booklet, she began to walk away only to turn back after several steps. Her face beamed with joy. The first sentence she had read had given her an answer to one of her questions. After we confirmed her that this was exactly how things worked in the spiritual domain, she went contentedly on her way again, only to once again come back and report that she had received another answer. This time she wanted more publications, and her heart was overjoyed.

There was another exhibitor whom we meet every year and who has all of Master's books, some videos and one of Her posters. This exhibitor told us that she and her husband have a strong affinity with Master. On the very first evening, after the fair had closed, she came to our booth and, feeling a little embarrassed and unsure of herself, asked us a question: "Was there a special layer of luminous paint on Master's poster which made it glow in the dark?" After we negated this, she told us, repeatedly shaking her head, that the poster radiated light at night.

The next evening the woman asked if she could have the poster we had put up at our booth after the fair concluded. She wanted to put it up for the benefit of the visitors who came to her house where she held meditation and seminars about crystals. Later she informed us that the phenomenon of the light had also appeared in her husband's bedroom. This even happened in front of strangers, whom she had mentioned the phenomenon to. So visitors often convened in the bedroom to observe the light.

Since she has been present at esoteric fairs in Berlin and in other cities in Germany for many years, she knows many exhibitors. Many other exhibitors whom she told about the miracle of Master's photos emitting light also approached our booth to find out more about Master. Therefore many people called us to register for initiation, or to ask many questions about Master's teachings.


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