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News 112, Panorama of Events

Report from the Dominican Republic
True Baptism

[Santo Domingo] For many people in the Dominican Republic, the recent conference held on May 10 featuring Master's videos was the first time that they had heard of Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Quan Yin Method and immediate enlightenment.

When a Quan Yin messenger arrived to work on preparations for the conference, it was at a difficult time because the local people were dealing with an election to choose a president, and the entire country was in chaos and full of activity. Thus, local practitioners told the messenger that it would be impossible to do anything then, but he just said, "Don't worry. You'll see that everything will be fine", and that's how it happened. We decided on a day for the conference, and began to promote it. We had only one week to prepare, because the election was coming, people would soon be going back to their home regions to vote, and the city would remain empty at that time.

Despite the situation, the messenger encouraged us to continue. Before the conference, he was interviewed on TV, and when the videotape entitled "Walk the Way of Love" was shown on one of the local stations, we were making great progress, since in this way, many people could learn more about Master and the Method.

Finally, the day of the conference arrived. We placed some candles outside the venue in order to guide people to it, and the scene was very touching. In a short time the place was filled to capacity, but people continued to arrive. It was really incredible how Master worked, guiding people in the middle of the election season in our small country.

During the conference, people were very quiet and focused, and at the end there were many questions for the messenger. Most of them seemed very difficult, but the messenger answered them one by one. Finally, almost one third of the people present registered to learn the Convenient Method. At the end of the Convenient Method training and meditation, the messenger asked them how they felt. Some of them commented that they had seen Master during the meditation, and that it was something really amazing for them, since it was the first time they had meditated, and they were already having inner experiences.

Now there is a group of Convenient Method practitioners waiting for initiation in our country. One of them said, "I pray with all my heart for that day to come when I can have the chance to go back to my Origin. I hope Master will grant us that grace, and we patiently anticipate the great day of our true baptism."


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