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News 57, International Reports

Report from Szechuan Province, China
Elevated by Truth, Virtue and Beauty

In Szechuan Province where "Chi Gong" practice is popular, the people deeply long for the Truth and liberation. Their intense spiritual aspiration is reflected by the fact that some old aged veteran vegetarians have started to practice the Convenient Method, and many young persons living a very comfortable material life have taken the initiation.

In a village, the inhabitants there were very pure in mind. Due to the mistake of the working staff, a person requesting to practice the Convenient Method was refused, and induced to tears. Later, when his request was eventually approved, his tears changed laughter. When the Convenient Method was being taught, everyone was very sincere, and the atmosphere at the venue was holy. All of them had wonderful experiences.

More than ten temple monks received initiation. Among them was the head chef in a kitchen who often used eggs as an ingredient. He now is a strict vegetarian, and cooks only pure vegetarian meals. Even though the abbot of this temple is renown in China, he often encourages his disciples to follow Supreme Master Ching Hai. Whenever his followers ask him something, he recommends the Quan Yin Method and Master to them.

Master's power of Truth, beauty and virtue has visibly and invisibly changed the whole society. Fellow practitioners in mainland China can feel that the atmosphere of the country is becoming better, and there have been improvements in all aspects.

Report from Northeastern China
An old Abbot Who Led a Simple Life without Seeking Fame and Gain

In the northeastern region of China, there was an old temple abbot who had been doing Zen meditation for years. After receiving Master's book, he began to feel an incredible power pulling him to a higher realm every time he meditated. His soul was filled with a sense of peace and happiness that he had never felt before. He was surrounded by a joyful atmosphere all day long. From then on, he could not wait to learn the Quan Yin Method of meditation from Master.

This old monk deeply understood that if he stayed in the temple, he had to receive followers and pilgrims, and this would make it hard for him to practice. Thus, in order to uplift his spiritual level and progress faster in his practice, without hesitation, he resigned his position as abbot, gave up receiving monetary offerings from others, and took his disciples with him to practice the Quan Yin meditation. He soon found another quiet and secluded ashram. Earning his living by planting fruit trees, he lived a simple life, and practiced peacefully and quietly.

An Enthusiastic Retired County Magistrate

Since receiving Master's precious book - The Key of Immediate Enlightenment, a retired county magistrate has been actively introducing Master's teachings to his relatives and friends. Everyone he has contacted is sure that Supreme Master Ching Hai is a real enlightened Master.

Nearly a hundred of his relatives and friends began eating a vegetarian diet on their own initiative and waited for initiation. Some of them could not wait and asked everywhere about information regarding initiation. Hearing about this, the retired county magistrate became ever more determined to seek the Truth. He often read Master's books and listened to Her tapes all night long without sleeping. He counseled everyone that they needed patience in order to obtain the Truth. Sure enough, soon after, a Quan Yin messenger came and gave them initiation as they had longed for. They were filled with joy, and some even shed tears.

On the day of initiation, despite his fatigue, the county magistrate enthusiastically helped out at the venue.


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