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News 144, Panorama of Events

Report from Italy
Spirituality Prevails at a Bologna Book Fair

[Bologna] From April 2 to 5, 2003, the International Children's Book Fair, the largest event of its kind in the world, was held in Bologna, Italy. Fellow initiates from Paris took the opportunity to set up a booth promoting Master's publications such as Silent Tears and Master Tells Stories in this global arena. The initiates established affinities with children's book publishers from around the world and spread the good news of Master's teachings to God's "little children" in the Fair's Formosa Exhibition Hall.

Faced with a vast and diverse array of children's books from many countries, fellow initiates presented promotional pamphlets and flyers to other participating publishers to inform them of Master's exhibition booth and facilitate access to Her message of Truth. When publishers from the Central Africa exhibition area heard of Master's African lecture tour, they were so touched that their eyes shone with a strong yearning to pursue spiritual practice.

On Saturday, the last day of the Fair, most other exhibitors in the Formosa Exhibition Hall had packed up ahead of schedule, leaving the entire area to the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publishing Company. Since it was a holiday, visitors thronged to the venue as fellow initiates, grateful for Master's perfect arrangement, printed additional materials to share Her teachings and news about the Quan Yin Method, and redecorated the booth to attract more people. The sample booklets on hand were soon distributed, and visitors eager to receive more information left their addresses. One German visitor, who was heading for Austria, asked for the address of the Austria Center. Also, to everyone's delight, several bookstore managers and librarians from Bologna requested copies of Master's sample booklet, which they intended to offer for public reading so that more people in their city could develop an affinity with Master.

Through their participation in Bologna's International Children's Book Fair, fellow initiates from Paris realized that as long as they have love and confidence while doing Master's work, they can become one with Her great omnipresent blessing power, and everything will be accomplished in time.


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