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News 98, Panorama of Events

Report from Norway

The Norway people are waiting for a Master to lead them back to the Kingdom of God.

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. There are spectacular mountains and lakes everywhere. Tall mountains meander thousands of miles from the north to the south of the country, and dark blue lakes reflect white birch trees that are continuous for many miles. Vast fields of green crops are decorated with traditional red cabins, and yellow flowers over hills and dales add bright color to the land. This breathtaking scenery is both picturesque and poetic. It physically and spiritually nourishes the people and elevates the country to a high spiritual level.

On October 10, 1998, during the pleasant autumn season and in downtown Oslo, Norwegian fellow initiates held a videotape presentation of one of Master's lectures. Prior to the presentation, our fellow disciples distributed sample books and leaflets in vegetarian restaurants, bookstores, hotels, and universities. Seeing that the leaflets were meant to elevate people spiritually and were free of charge, the owners readily allowed us to display the sample books and leaflets in their shops. Some of the owners even let us place the materials in the most eye-catching places. We also met many spiritual practitioners and meditators while distributing the materials, showing that, among the masses, there are highly developed souls waiting for a Master to lead them back to the Kingdom of God. It was their sincerity that allowed them to meet us.

Many people attended the lecture presentation. Some of them who had practiced meditation for more than ten years immediately sensed a gentle and comfortable power filling the room. The Quan Yin messenger introduced Master Ching Hai and Her teachings and then gave a summary of Her activities around the world. He said that in order to save sentient beings from suffering, Master ignores all personal hardships and wholeheartedly has organized many disaster relief efforts for victims irrespective of nation or race. The messenger pointed out that when Master perceives their prayers, She also suffers physically and bears their pain. Upon hearing this, the listeners were deeply touched by Master's universal holy love. After the seminar, many people requested the initiation and/or to learn the Convenient Method of meditation.


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