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News 99, Panorama of Events

Report from Sweden
The Light of God Shines on the Land of Ice

The attendance at videotaped lectures around Sweden demonstrates the audience's longing for the Truth.

According to local newspapers, vegetarianism has become a new trend in Sweden as an increasingly large number of people in this Scandinavian country have switched to a vegetarian diet. Initiates distributing sample booklets often run into longtime vegetarians interested in learning meditation. On one such occasion, they met a woman at Rinkeby Subway Station who had learned about Master the previous year. As one who had observed the vegetarian diet for many years, she immediately requested initiation into the Quan Yin Method. She had felt the need to go to Rinkeby since early morning but had been unable to do so until the afternoon, she said. It was not until her meeting with the initiates that she realized it was the Quan Yin Method that had brought her here.

A videotaped lecture was held in the well-known college town of Uppsala near Stockholm on October 24. Both fellow initiates and initiates-to-be participated in the preparations for this activity to inform the audience of other worlds in the universe which they had perhaps never heard about. Their spiritual elevation into the consciousness of the universe melted them in the joy and love of God. It was gratifying to find that the young people of Sweden who comprised the majority of the audience shared such a longing for the Truth.

Fellow initiates generously share the Truth at three spiritual exhibitions in Sweden.

Meanwhile, three spiritual exhibitions were held in major cities around Sweden: at the University of Umea on October 17-18; Helsingborg Stadium on October 31 to November 1; and Goteborg Horse Racing Ground on November 28-29. At Goteborg, the sponsors provided a room for the initiates to introduce the Quan Yin Method to those interested in learning meditation.

Since most Swedish people read English, the English editions of Master's publications have become the quickest and most convenient way for them to learn about the Quan Yin Method. Supplies of sample booklets, the News Magazines and leaflets are quickly depleted as Master's teachings gradually spread across this Scandinavian country.


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