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News 103, Panorama of Events

Report from Bolivia
Spiritual Improvement in Bolivia through Master's Teachings

Teachers and students in a school in Bolivia are highly interested in Master's teachings.
In April we also held a conference in Saint Germain High School, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
In early May, a group of spiritual aspirants visited us and requested Convenient Method training.

[Santa Cruz] A Quan Yin messenger arrived in Bolivia in March to teach the Convenient Method. Many sincere people, who had been longing to learn the Convenient Method for months, finally received what they were waiting for. The Quan Yin messenger stopped in five different cities in Bolivia, including Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, Suere and Trinidad.

Local people who received Convenient Method training and attended informational sessions about Master's teachings were not very rich in worldly possessions. But they all showed a high level of sincerity and were very eager to start following a vegetarian diet in order to receive initiation into the Quan Yin Method. Naturally, most of them had wonderful inner experiences once they received Convenient Method training. During the sessions, they also received many vegetarian recipes that they could use for their new diet. Some of them qualified to receive initiation right away since they had been pure vegetarians without eating eggs for quite a long time. Therefore, a program was planned for initiation in four cities.

Among the new initiates was a principal of a school in Cochabamba who has been a vegetarian for ten years. In addition to his teaching job, he also practices Naturopathy. With great enthusiasm, he organized a conference for the students in his school to learn about Master's teachings. The school is divided into two sections, so one lecture was organized for the group of students attending in the morning, and another for those attending in the afternoon. At both lectures, all students were very enthusiastic. Some even helped to prepare materials for the lectures.

Many students and some teachers (including the principal) attended the conference. They watched Master's videotape and showed great interest in knowing more about Master. Many of them asked interesting questions during the Q&A session. Many attendees also filled out application forms. Most of them asked for the Convenient Method while others wanted to subscribe to our magazine. Several directly requested initiation.

At the conference there was a chemistry teacher from another school who was also a leader of a group of University students organized around the topic of spiritual development. He had recently learned the Convenient Method and frequently helps Master's association. Once the University students heard about Master, all of them applied for the Convenient Method. This teacher is also very motivated to look for a place and establish a local Center for group meditation in Cochobamba.


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