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News 133, Panorama of Events

Report from Brazil
Mobile Truth-sharing Platform

[Sao Paulo] Fellow initiates at the Sao Paulo Center are elated at the addition of a new automobile to assist in their Truth-sharing mission. Enthusiastic fellow practitioners immediately formed a drivers' team and rejoiced at the opportunity to participate in the sacred work of sharing the Truth with the public.

Recently, our initiates drove the car through major thoroughfares and small alleys in Sao Paulo and its suburbs, and within a few weeks, the Center received many phone calls from individuals seeking more information about the Quan Yin Method, as more and more local residents came to learn about the Supreme Master Ching Hai and Light and Sound meditation. Some initiates volunteered to help out at the Center by answering the phone and otherwise serving the needs of Truth-aspirants.

From the car, local initiates constantly play Master's song "I Will Forever Love You," thus cleansing the atmosphere and elevating souls in the area. We are grateful to Master and Her loving blessing for this opportunity to serve God.


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