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News 98, Panorama of Events

Report from Russia
What a Strong Vibration!

Words of Truth resound in Russia

Russia, with her vast expanses of land, has long been bearing a shade of mysterious coloring.
But now, she has finally unveiled herself and embraced Master's teachings.

The Moscow International Book Fair

On short notice, Moscow initiates were informed that the Moscow International Book Fair would be held on September 2-7, 1998. The organizer told us that the list of worldwide participants had already been selected, but we still had a chance to join in. When we requested a booth on the corner of the venue, he told us that it just so happened that there was one. Originally it was booked by an American company who didn't show up, so we were allowed to have it. The booth was indeed ideally located.

Though a local printing company was busy before the start of a school term, the owner did his best to keep his machines running round-the-clock to print our flyers, and also, the first Russian edition of the book "I Have Come to Take You Home". We were all touched when the everything arrived on time.

In Moscow we only have a few old initiates, and the rest are neophytes. Nevertheless, they all earnestly rendered their help at the venue each day.

An Australian told us that, when passing by our booth with his wife, he sensed a vibration which was so strong that he was simply "pulled in" and got stuck in front of our television, watching Master's videotape for thirty minutes. Later, a Moscow citizen came by holding two metal rods for detecting magnetic field. When he pointed them toward Master's photograph, the metal rods opened immediately to 180 degrees indicating a high level vibration, which really astounded him. Immediately, he embraced a sample booklet and told our fellow initiates that Master was a highly enlightened Master with great power. He instantly requested to learn the Convenient Method and took a photo with us for remembrance. He said, if possible, he would like to demonstrate his experiment to an entire audience. A sister initiate who majored in physics witnessed this metaphysical experiment. Her faith in Master was thus greatly strengthened.

When the photos were developed, we were surprised to see a ray of white light in front of our booth, as if Master was there in person blessing us. Every day, many people came to ask for the sample booklets. Some of them came from as far as the Ukraine, Chechnya and Siberia. They all liked Master's teachings very much. Some people left their cards or addresses, while others cordially requested that we take photos with them. People even presented us with souvenir coins with great Russian figures on them, as well as books and special local products. We felt quite at home in this warm and welcome atmosphere. Many people asked when Master would come.

Before the Book Fair, a newspaper, the Russian Teachers' Kaleidoscope Weekly, published an article on Master's teachings and excerpts from Her lectures in two of its issues. This aroused great interest among many of its readers, who are mainly teachers and intellectuals.

The Quan Yin Method Seminar

After the Book Fair, on September 12th, we held a seminar on the Quan Yin Method at the Moscow Institute of Steel Industry, which attracted a large audience. When watching Master's videotape, people were strongly impressed by Her teachings and graceful bearing. Most of them immediately ask to learn the Convenient Method of meditation or to receive initiation.

May God bless this country and her people, who are kind-hearted, spiritually oriented and dignified, with distinctive dispositions. May the day they find inner contentment and eternal bliss come soon.

The Russian Teachers' Kaleidoscope Weekly published about Master's teachings in two large articles.


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