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News 136, Panorama of Events

Report from Switzerland
Master's Smile Radiates at the Geneva Book Fair

[Geneva] At the Geneva International Book Fair held in May 2002, initiates from the Geneva Center set up an exhibition booth displaying Master's publications in various European languages, including the French edition of I Have Come to Take You Home. Master's teachings on videotapes and DVDs were also available. Several fellow initiates came from Paris to help with preparatory work for the Fair, while other European Centers in London, Rome, Paris and Munich provided the required books, video tapes and sample booklets and made a concerted effort to ensure the success of their exhibition.

Audience members watch Master's videotape with rapt attention.

The Geneva exhibition booth was small, but it was radiant with joy and permeated by Master's enchanting smile. Geneva is an international city and people from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds stopped by to ask about Master's teachings. Some remembered Master from Her lecture tour in 1993 and others had seen Her on Quan Yin websites.

Fellow practitioners engaged in a cordial exchange with members of the Swiss Vegetarian Society, who sponsored a booth at the Fair for the first time, and were very happy to learn that Master supports vegetarianism. The Vegetarian Society members gladly exchanged sample booklets with Geneva initiates and promised to maintain contact. The adjacent booth was run by representatives of an Islamic publishing company, who also were very interested in Master's teachings, although they had to first get used to the idea of a lady Master!

While working at the exhibition booth, fellow initiates were surrounded by Master's books and videos, and could feel a very intense and elevated energy, as if they were at a retreat. This energy also attracted people with affinity, who not only were interested in meditation, but also embraced an open attitude toward Master's teachings and the idea of following the guidance of a living Master.

Guests eagerly discuss Master's teachings with fellow practitioners at the Geneva video seminar.

Video Seminar — Love Conquers All

In June 2002, fellow practitioners from Geneva held another Truth-sharing event in the form of a video seminar. Prior to the seminar, Master's posters were affixed to every lamppost on a pedestrian bridge over the River Rhone in the middle of the city so that every few meters, pedestrians were greeted by Master's beautiful smile. Fellow practitioners simply named this bridge the Ching Hai Bridge!

On the day of the seminar, a young lady who participated shared her story with us. Influenced by an unhappy childhood, she used to constantly quarrel with her family members. However, the more she did so, the more difficult her life became. In the end, she realized that it was better to accept her karma and thank God for giving her the opportunity to grow through interacting with her family. She realized that only love can overcome hatred, and only loving others can make one's life content.

Organizing these two events was an eye opener for Geneva fellow practitioners, who previously had been eager to share Master's teachings with others, but always felt that though many people believed in God, few were ready to accept a living Master. Now they have discovered that there is a great deal of interest in meditation among young and old members of the public, and a more open attitude toward Master's teachings than they had ever imagined.


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